Album Cover
Just Having Fun
Kingsley Ettienne
Released: Jan 1, 2004
Label: Ettienne Music
Track Listing
1 Just Having Fun
2 Endlessly
3 No Pain No Gain
4 Life Is Not The Same Without You
5 Shango
6 I Will Love You
7 My One And Only Love
8 Calypso Got Soul
9 Healing Feeling
10 Tribute

Liner Notes


Kingsley Ettienne: Piano and Lead Vocals

Mutadi Thomas: Congas and Percussion

Leroy Emmanuel: Rhythm Guitar

Demo Cates: Saxophone on My One and Only Love,

                       Life is Not the Same Without You, I Will Love You

Doug Richardson: Tenor Saxophone on Tribute; Horns on Shango

Kevin Turcott: Trumpet on Calypso Got Soul

Lorne Lofsky: Lead Guitar on Tribute and No Pain No Gain

Shunaka: Drums on Healing Feeling and Just Having Fun

Rich Brown: Bass on Healing Feeling

Betty Richardson: Lead Vocals on Love me Endlessly; Background Vocals

Gail Berry: Background Vocals

Aja Emmanuel: Free-style Rapping on Just Having Fun


Just Having Fun

  1. Just Having Fun                              (5:28)   Kingsley Ettienne

  2. Endlessly                                        (4:43)   Kingsley Ettienne and

                                                                          Betty Richardson

  3. No Pain No Gain                             (4:36)   Kingsley Ettienne

  4. Life is Not the Same Without You   (4:55)   Kingsley Ettienne

  5. Shango                                           (4:47)   Kingsley Ettienne

  6. I Will Love You                                (4:38)   Kingsley Ettienne and

                                                                          Sharon Roberts

  7. My One and Only Love                   (6:14)   Kingsley Ettienne

  8. Calyoso Got Soul                            (5:20)   Kingsley Ettienne

  9. Healing Feeling                               (5:58)   Kingsley Ettienne

10. Tribute                                            (5:53)   Kingsley Ettienne

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